Perfectly fit solutions for your needs

Agenda services everyone from large businesses with household names to local shops. Our custom software is developed hand-in-hand with you so that it fits your exact needs. Below are some examples of what we have done.

Custom web-work: Build a website from the ground up or renovate an existing one. Agenda has experience in both front- and back-end development and can get something online that will do whatever you need, from web-stores to employee management portals.

Monitoring software: Keep appraised of what your system is doing and when its doing it. Regardless of if its network traffic, performance, usage, or anything else, Agenda has custom monitoring solutions to keep your business in the know.

Automation: Remove the busy work that drains resources. Keep your data maintained with automatic uploads and calculations and make sure files are kept organized and accesible to the right people at the right time.

Learning Management Systems (LMS): Agenda has created LMS tools for organizations to disseminate information in an efficient, highly accessible format. Build courses, teach employees and students, track their progress, and more with Agenda custom built LMSs.