Making data protection simple

MyCrypt™ is a data protection system that combines guaranteed identification, access control, and advanced encryption/decryption into a single easy to use package. MyCrypt ensures that the individual (sender or recipient) is the person they say they are (guaranteed identity) and that they are authorized to access the requested application or data. Once authenticated, MyCrypt decrypts/encrypts the application or data allowing it to be used like any other application or data. Upon saving or transmitting it is re-encrypted with a new algorithm generated at that moment.

The core concepts of MyCrypt


Unlike passwords, biometrics are not easily stolen, brute forced, guessed, or impersonated. When used with a multi-factored approach, the identity of the person using it is guaranteed.


The best way to protect data from being viewed or stolen is by making it worthless. Encrypting with a strong cypher ensures it is only useful to who you want.

Access Control

Compartmentalization and multiple tiers of access means that at any point in the chain, everyone only knows what they are supposed to know, keeping all information secure.

The components

Biometric Hardware

As part of a mulit-factored authentication system MyCrypt uses biometric data. This data is never stored in raw or processed form anywhere within the system or device. The biometric reading is obtained/and then used to generate a unique ID on the actual device and is destroyed in volatile memory immediately. The system is a match-on-chip based system. All devices used for the biometric function are encrypted devices while at-rest. Meaning if the device is not authenticated and in use it is full encrypted and the data portion of the device is unaccesible entirely. The reading is taken and passed into the protected/encrypted area on the chip. It does the validation by generating the ID with the bio info and the other data points to create the ID. This ID is sent to be compared outside of the bio processing area to validate the user. The data is then cleared and the device unlocked if successful.

MyCrypt ™ Public Cloud SaaS

MyCrypt ™ Public Cloud SAAS – Unlike the normal meaning of “Software-As-A-Service” this is actually System-as-a-Service. This is closer to a cloud offered Infrastructure construct. With this approach a cloud instance is created and dedicated to your organization. Only devices that are created within your organization could access this area as a check for authentication is performed prior to doing an action and periodically during use. This ensures that only the authorized device possessed by an identified and authorized person can access the system. No customer data of any kind is stored in this instance. Only an encrypted data store that knows the Secure ID and Electronic Serial number of the device in use is stored.

MyCrypt™ Private Cloud SaaS

Private Cloud SAAS – Same functionality as the Public Cloud based system with the exception that the instead of being an instance in the cloud it is a security appliance that is housed within the local network. This offering is typically used for those organizations that have a local policy requiring all interface to be within their environment and unable to connect directly to the internet even through secure tunnels for validation. This option also allows for more robust reporting and features that are not available on the public cloud based solution.


  • Quick installation
  • Increased security
  • Always transparent
  • Easy integration
  • Seamless scalability
  • Easy management
  • Multi-layered approach
  • Policy Management
  • Pain-free endpoint grouping
  • Multi-platform (Mac, Linux, Windows)
  • Device management
  • Identity aware