Traditional software purchasing has limitations; it’s not portable, it’s restricted by hardware limitations, and it becomes deprecated or even entirely obsolete with time. These issues are gone with the SaaS model. SaaS ensures that as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your vital software anywhere and on any machine. You never need to worry about the security of the software or it going out of date either, because you connect to it in the cloud where it and your data are kept safe and maintained. Some of the primary products we offer at great prices are :

Microsoft 365

The premier toolkit for consumer and business. Make documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints, calendars, and more, and have them accessible at any time. On top of that, stay connected with features such as mail and skype. All of this in one always up to date, secure, and always available package.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Read PDFs, edit videos, make digital art, and more. Adobe’s suite of products offer the cutting edge in design technologies and allow you to take your work on the go, secure with the knowledge that you’re using the most up-to-date tools to make the best content around.

Barracuda Cloud Security

Missing security updates is one of the easiest ways to become vulnerable to data breaches. Barracuda’s cloud based protection gets rid of that by making sure you’re always up to date, not only that, but it makes it a breeze to make sure you’re secure no matter what system you’re operating on or how sensitive the data is.

Sophos Cloud Optix

Sophos Cloud Optix is an AI-powered, next generation cloud infrastructure security platform that delivers continuous security monitoring, compliance, analytics and remediation, across multiple public cloud accounts and platforms.