Keep your employees safe, happy, and productive

Working from home provides many advantages for both a company and its staff, but sometimes one can struggle to make the paradigm shift that allows working from homes’ qualities to really shine. Fortunately, Agenda offers an extensive array of solutions to make the transition easy or to improve already existing set ups.

Agenda Transition services

The process of ensuring someone is able to work from home is often more complex than handing over a laptop and ushering someone out the door. Agenda will set up virtual private networks, remote servers, and other security measures to ensure your employees stay connected securely. We have software suites and knowledgeable IT technicians too that make sure anything meant to be used in an employees’ home has everything installed and running that lets employees do their job. From small to large transitions, Agenda can also provide consulting on how to carry the shift out.

Agenda can provide you with amazing tools to increase your work from home efficiency with our Software as a Service offerings or the following quality products:


Agenda can keep your company’s files organized, synchronized, and maintained with Egnyte: a secure cloud content platform that gives you access to important data when you need it and where you need it.

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VoIP/Vonage Business Cloud

Keep your company connected with Vonage, brought to you by Agenda. We can set up and maintain Voice-over-IP services and get rid of the head aches and expenses of traditional landlines.

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